Since we use spelt flour quite frequently in our products, we thought we’d share an article about the health benefits of ancient grains. Essentially, by eating spelt flour baked goods, we can reduce our intake of gluten and we can increase our intake of essential nutrients. But that’s enough from us, time to bring in the experts.

Spelt: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information


  1. Excellent information

  2. - Baked muffins; toarllits; pizza crust; pie crust; leftover pancakes; – Cooked or canned beans (if you’re not using the whole can right away) and grains. For beans / grains lay them out on a cookie sheet to freeze, then transfer to freezer bag. Same with cheese that you have grated. Otherwise they stick together in the bag & you have to defrost the whole thing.- Broth, soup, stew (I freeze these in plastic cottage cheese/sour cream containers)- Cooked pasta


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