About Us

Big Life is a whole foods bakery that was founded in 1995
in Halifax, Nova Scotia. All products created by Big Life
are based on a macrobiotic philosophy which means that the
main ingredient in our food is cooked whole grains. We cook
the whole grains into a porridge which we then use as a
base for all of our bread products. The benefits of this
method of cooking are many, but most importantly it makes
for easy digestion as well as reduces the risk of chronic
diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

As a business, we try whenever possible to buy our supplies
and ingredients from local sources. By doing so, we support
small scale agriculture and the communities of farmers that
feed our cities.

Big Life’s goal as a company is to provide our customers
with high quality foods while considering their health
and well-being as a primary objective. We promise to offer
our food at a fair price that reflects the quality and the
cost of the ingredients we use, as well providing a living
wage to Big Life employees.

All of our bread products are hand rolled and hand cut
with great care in order to preserve the quality of our food.